Meet JVLLS, a talented singer-songwriter from the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Due to her enigmatic aura and soulful voice, Web3 music producer Jonssey; chose her for the lead singer role for the forthcoming EP "High Tech, Low Life."

As a performer, JVLLS always seeks to create a distinct approach and unique color in her music. Using the dynamics and intentions of her voice as powerful tools, JVLLS effortlessly transports listeners to unexpected places, leaving them captivated by her performances. Having been influenced by genres like progressive rock, electronic, and jazz from a young age, JVLLS' music bears the soulful blend of her diverse inspirations, resulting in a fresh and authentic artistic style.


Baridi Baridi

Jessica Rabanal is a talented music producer and vocalist known for her cinematic downtempo sound, blending dream hop and trip-hop elements.

She started her musical journey as a self-taught artist and later honed her skills through independent preparation. Jessica is currently a member of the Trip Hop Conspiracy, a collective where Trip Hop and indie music producers and artists collaborate.

She is also part of Outra, a collective label that promotes female representation in the music industry, and Beathey, a digital label featuring indie and electronic artists. Performing across various venues in Buenos Aires, she showcases her solo project and collaborates with other artists both as a vocalist and a skilled beatmaker/producer.

Audioverse Beta

SEPTEMBER • 15 • 2023