Welcome to Audioverse, the platform that empowers musicians and visual artists to raise funds through NFT crowdfunding campaigns, enabling collectors to earn by acquiring NFTs at an early stage. We embrace and champion creative endeavors spanning diverse artistic domains. Here are four guiding principles integral to every Audioverse project:

photo of people inside concert venue
photo of people inside concert venue


Every project hosted on Audioverse should embody a tangible creation intended for sharing. From groundbreaking music to immersive visual experiences, our platform supports a broad spectrum of creative expressions. Creators should formulate a comprehensive plan for producing their creation and sharing it with the world. A project is truly complete when its creator is proud of their creation.


Trust and transparency form the cornerstone of our community. Projects must uphold honesty and clarity in every step. While nonprofits can initiate projects on Audioverse, campaigns cannot commit to fundraising for charitable causes. Funds generated through Audioverse campaigns must be dedicated to materializing the creator's outlined project.


We're on an ambitious mission to change the way young people connect with their favorite artists. For that reason, any tracks or visual art that includes harmful content won't make the cut. This can include but is not limited to, songs and/or videos depicting excess violence, self harm, sexual innuendos, misogingy, racism, or any kind of hate speech.


We will only support artists who are 100% dedicated to their craft. Audioverse is the ideal platform for professional artists who are committed to their craft and are willing to put the hard work. We welcome all musicians and visual artists who have a strong connection to their fanbase and produce high-quality art.