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Audioverse helps both emerging talents and seasoned creators, secure funds for the most creative projects. Through our platform, you're not only linked with a fresh community of artists but also granted the freedom to sculpt your creative vision on your own unique canvas.

a woman wearing a dress
a woman wearing a dress

Your Vision

For musicians and visual artists, Audioverse offers a platform tailored to your creative ventures. Whether you're a musician, producer, sound engineer, or any other creative mind within the industry, our platform supports projects in Music, Visual Arts, and more. Craft your album, paint your masterpiece, design an immersive art installation, score a film — the possibilities are endless. Explore further details in our project guidelines to bring your artistic vision to life

Your Project

While we may be a fresh face in the scene, we're rapidly gaining recognition within the Web3 artist community. As you embark on your creative journey, remember that the foundation of support often comes from those familiar to you – your companions, admirers, and the collectives you belong to. These connections are not only likely to be your initial champions but also serve as vital channels to amplify awareness of your project.

woman singing on stage
woman singing on stage

What Sets Us Apart

How are we different from traditional crowdfunding.

a group of cubes that are connected to each othera group of cubes that are connected to each other
Fractional Creatorship

Easy collaboration with fellow artists

person watching on monitorperson watching on monitor
Decentralized Curation

Non-biased selection process

smiling man sitting while playing guitarsmiling man sitting while playing guitar

Reach new audiences